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The Alphabetician and the Rabbi

Photo of The Alphabetician and the Rabbi book

ROWAN WILLIAMS WRITES: ‘In this wonderful and surprising book, Lida, the ALPHABETICIAN, and Dan, the RABBI, are busy exchanging thoughts, memories and images of their early lives, exploring how their profession(s) of letters led them to love and fulfilment. Exuberant, direct, painful, revelatory, it is a memorable exercise in ‘humane letters’, a reminder that it is not bodiless ideals that change and enlighten the world, but our animated labour in the material world we inhabit.’

In lettercutting there are seven stages in the process of refinement from the rock to the final work of art. For every stage different tools are used. We see this process as an allegory for the coming together of life’s staging-posts and daily routines of work. Therefore this book is divided into seven chapters.

  1. 1. Blast
  2. 2. Saw
  3. 3. Pitch
  4. 4. Point
  5. 5. Claw
  6. 6. Chisel
  7. 7. Rub

160 pages of high-quality colour illustrations

Paperback, 235 x 150 mm. ISBN 978-1-874426-26-4

£19.99 (plus p & p)

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