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The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop

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Red Letters All

Image of the front cover of Red Letters All

Some time ago Chris Kington asked Lida Kindersley to conduct a guided tour of Kindersley Workshop inscriptions in central Cambridge for local members of the Royal Society of Arts. There are plenty of inscriptions to be seen.

Chris’s thank you letter came in the form of a poem. In consequence, he became the Workshop’s Poet-in-Residence. Fifty two of the poems he composed in this role are found in Red Letters All. They brilliantly convey the atmosphere of the Workshop—its workings, lettering, stones and other materials, tools, archives and skills—and take us to a world beyond time and place; a world where we see more than we thought.

Lettercutting being a visual artform, Lida felt the book would benefit from photographs. She and Chris had the good fortune of knowing Charles Chadwyck-Healey, whose sharp and sensitive eye she had long admired. His colour photographs perfectly complement the poet’s work.

The result is an inspiring mix of poetry, photography and the subject of its principal focus: lettercutting.

Hardback. ISBN 978 1 874426 19 6

£20.00 (plus p & p)

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