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Mr Eric Gill: Recollections by David Kindersley

Image of the front cover of 'Mr Eric Gill'

David Kindersley’s story of his apprenticeship with Eric Gill: half a century on from its first publication, this entirely new edition, with fresh illustrations, carries great historic interest. Fiona MacCarthy, the renowned Eric Gill biographer, characterizes it in her foreword as a ‘first hand account, so full of atmosphere and detail’. And ‘Kindersley took from Gill the things he needed… a strong belief in skill, a Gill-like generosity of spirit in passing these skills on to successive generations and a tradition, still continued by his wife Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley, of the workshop as a valid way of life’.

52 pages. Paperback. ISBN 0 9501946 5 4

£12.00 (plus p & p)

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