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The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop

152 Victoria Road · Cambridge · CB4 3DZ · Telephone 01223 362170

Photo of the shell line

The Shingle Street Shell Line

The exhibition is on at the Snape Maltings in Suffolk.

11 November – early February


As you cross the sluice bridge and go over the marsh to Shingle Street, you enter a different country. It is a powerful, mysterious place, full of healing.

In 2005 Els Bottema and Lida Kindersley, childhood friends, spent a week there after each had been through a year of serious illness. On their first long walk along the beach, they picked up some white shells and, sitting down to rest,arranged them around a plant.

From that day on, every walk added more shells to a growing line - symbolic of their slow day by day,shell by shell recovery. Gradually the line grew until it stretched from the water's edge to the flagpole of the house of the Coast Guard Captain.

Twice a year Els, a ceramist in the Netherlands, and Lida, a letter cutter at the Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge, spend a week repairing and relaying the line and find that many passers by have added to it.